OCTOBER 16, 2018 

It is my greatest pleasure to announce my candidacy to the Mississauga municipal council. I have decided to run for this position after deep contemplation and dissatisfaction in our current incumbent. 

Although I am new to politics, I have a solid background in engineering consulting. I have been an accredited professional engineer with the Professional Engineers Ontario since the early 2000’s. My professional career has primarily been in the Automotive industry, in various consulting and managerial capacities. I am goal oriented and bring an attitude of hard work that is driven by metrics and performance. 

In one short sentence, I want to be your councillor because I CARE. You may have heard that word more often than you like, but my sincere intentions and character speak loudly for being the right choice to represent you in Ward 6. I have lived in Mississauga since 1991 and in Ward 6 for 22 years, at the same address. I want to be the voice of the residents at City Hall. You deserve a councillor that is going to listen to your concerns 

when you call or write. I do not see that in our incumbent. I want to be the councillor that is going to effectively put your interest ahead of profit, the residents ahead of corporations. I am not affiliated to any political party and will not be steered or manipulated by party politics. My politics will be shaped and driven by what my Ward residents want and need. 

I want your dollars to be spent wisely on city projects; I see numerous opportunities for 

the city to cut costs without taking away any value add from the necessary services and 

the city to cut costs without taking away any value add from the necessary services and infrastructure that is available. I want to be the councillor that will look for innovative ways to generate revenue and not take the easy way of levying more taxes on residents. 

Most of all, I want to always hear from you and I promise to make a concerted effort to continue the canvassing tradition of knocking on doors to check up on you, throughout my term in office. 

Elie Diab, P.Eng.