OCTOBER 19, 2018 

From the day I submitted my nomination form to the clerk’s office at city hall, I had the romantic idea of a low budget campaign with virtually no signs, cluttering our beautiful city landscapes; an almost solo canvassing performance, to highlight the importance of face recognition; a self funded campaign from beginning to end; and a modest social media presence to deliver my views and a clear image of myself to the readers. 

For the most part, I have been able to resist the strong tidal waves of mainstream election hysteria; the overzealous spending of donated funds on self marketing; the ubiquitous display of Donation buttons on websites; and the Genghis-Khan army of volunteer canvassers with car-salesman pushy attitude for putting up lawn signs. I truly wanted to reclaim the election campaigning process and give it a deeper meaning; one that can resonate with the discerning public. 

My plan for this campaign has always been to seek simplicity and to always act in full accord with my true self. I needed an introduction, which I achieved in the form of a well designed and thoughtfully worded post card (which can be seen in the Gallery section of my website). My post card introduces me as a candidate, with a subtle flavour for my character and a bold outline for the municipal matters that I am passionate about. 

I quickly realized that the solo task of covering a Ward with, over, forty six thousand voters is daunting and nearly impossible in the time frame that I have. However, the meet and greet experience from personally knocking on doors and talking to the constituents was 

of high importance to me. This is were my sister and her two adorable kids, Elijah (4) and Olive (2), have played an extraordinary role in making this campaign a truly quintessential, family driven, and lovingly managed endeavour. I am blessed to have their support and enthusiasm. Their contribution has been nothing short of exemplary; as they set off every day to canvass, albeit in style using a Thule 2 seater stroller, with post cards in hand, water and warm clothing accompanying their journey. Upon their return home, I always look forward to the excitement in their tone as they recollect their experiences in handing out the post cards to neighbours, close and far. 

Not having a plethora of signs around my Ward, as other candidates race to stake their oversized name banners on high visibility intersections, no longer feels like a disadvantage. For the memorable encounters that we have and the personal connections we make with Ward 6 residents is priceless compared to any number of signs. 

Not having a deep coffer of donated funds to spend, on every imaginable form of print media, no longer feels like a disadvantage. For I know that more and more voters will be casting their votes based on knowledge and not the empty promises of ads. I have always insisted on funding my own campaign without accepting a single donation. It gives me a sense of pride and achievement to be self reliant. 

Not having a political party affiliation or endorsement, no longer feels like a disadvantage. For I know that an effective Municipal Council is one that is driven by the best interest of the city and its residents without any direct or indirect influence from party politics. 

Not having a dedicated campaign office that is actively recruiting scores, upon scores, of volunteers, no longer feels like a disadvantage. For the people that mean the most to me have selflessly and with unconditional love made meaningful connections with the residents of this Ward. In addition to my ever encouraging sister, a special thanks goes out to the following individuals, for whom I am ever grateful. My awesome brother and his dedicated wife; my helpful friend Rola, my caring friend Marcia, my kind friend Adam and two wonderful high school volunteers - Kenro & Francesca. 

I would finally like to thank you, the voter, for taking the time to know the candidates and what they stand for, their idiosyncrasies and their true intentions. I have no doubt that you will exercise your civic duty on October 22, 2018, based upon your best intention for the 

city of Mississauga. 

God Bless,
Elie Diab, P.Eng.